Why Choose Us?

Opened on March 1, 1996 Hunter McGuire has provided consistently low cost and high quality medical care to our patients. Hunter McGuire Medical Center was founded by emergency medicine physicians who realized there was a need in the community for patients to have an alternative to expensive and often inconvenient emergency room care. These founding physicians also saw the need for convenience when a patient could not get in quickly to see an established medical provider.  


Emergency room care is very expensive and often very inconvenient.
Health insurance deductibles and premiums are high and still going up.
Lower cost at Hunter McGuire means your deductible goes farther for the care you have to pay for. Does it make any sense to blow your insurance deductible all in one visit at the emergency room or another more expensive urgent care?
Time spent at Hunter McGuire is typically a fraction of the time spent in the ER.
Convenience is worth paying for.
No insurance? No problem. With Over 45 million uninsured or under-insured people in the United States, you’re not alone. Hunter McGuire provides affordable and first-rate health care.
Payment at time of service frees you and us from the inconvenience of dealing with your insurance company as well as government red tape. This all saves you money.* 
* Payment in full is due at time of service. If you do have insurance we will file it for you and return any refund due to you. We accept cash, major credit cards and checks from local banks. Positive personal identification is required. Hunter McGuire does not accept payment from Medicare or Medicaid and does not participate in either program.
Our Staff Members:

Howard M. Rigg, III, M.D., M.B.A., ABEM -  Medical Director

Charles McLemore, FNP 

Jessica LaCroix,  R.N. - Clinical Director


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