Patient Reviews & Testimonials


Christie Sensat McComb

My friend Jessica Milburn referred me here after paying over $300 for my last visit to Urgent Care. At Hunter McGuire, I had zero wait time and the doctor was fantastic. He even took my wild 3yr old to get a toy while i got an injection. The office staff filed my insurance paperwork and got me out of there in a flash for less than 1/3 of my last Urgent Care bill. This sick, coughing, frazzled mom thanks you. You have a customer for life.

Sadie Trahan Francis

My baby needed to go to the dr the other day so I took him to Urgent Care on country club and the lady told me it was going to be $130 just to be seen along with any other tests they were going to run..ummm so My friend was with me and she called Hunter McGuires and they said it was only $75 so we went there in attempts to spare my bank account, then we get there and the staff is so sweet and the Dr. is very nice and attentive! And great with kids! Gave My baby a little car, it was so sweet. Then My other son had to go to the dr today, he has insurance through his dad but his deductible hasn’t been met yet so the pediatric center said it’s $100 up front before he can even go into the back!? So of course bringing him to Hunter’s would be cheaper again! He wasn’t feeling well and kinda grumpy and doc made a joke about a crawfish being in his ear and made him laugh😊 my kids have the absolute best pediatrician at the pediatric center but until we can get their insurance stuff figured out, I would def recommend this dr to anyone and everyon

Jeffrie Duberville

Great staff, super clinic! Have used Hunter McGuire Medical Center for years. Always a good experience!

Clint Coleman

Excellent service, quick and easy. Very nice staff. I definitely recommend them every time.

Kathleen Friesenhahn-Davis

Took excellent care of my son. Treated him for extreme heat exhaustion with lots of compassion, care and patience. I truly believed she saved his life!